Our qualified, knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to assist with your needs. We provide many services and utilize quality certified equipment in the process.

Quality/Certified Seed – Great care is taken to follow Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) protocol in multiplying certified seed – proper cleaning and regular testing is done to be sure the customer is receiving quality seed.    

Automated Seed Cleaning Facility – This facility contains all the needed equipment to produce a superior clean seed. We make upgrades or add new equipment as needed to meet changing markets.    

Color Sorter – Color sorters detect and remove visibly imperfect units by automatically ejecting unwanted material such as discoloured or blighted seeds and foreign matter by the use of compressed air impulses.

Debearder/Dehuller -  These units provide efficient thorough hull removal and scarifying. With unique design features and precise operator settings breakage of the seeds can be kept to a minimum, yet maintaining maximum percentage of hull removal efficiency and capacity.    

Seed Treatment (STORM Seed Treater)  - the STORM seed treater and integrated auger unit allows us to treat your seed with absolute accuracy. Electronic controls provide a simple interface with touch screen input and pre-programmed Bayer CropScience recipes. The metering conveyor accurately measures seed flow and automatically adjusts the peristaltic pumps to match treatment flow for optimal coverage. This reduces waste and ensures consistent coating from the first seed to the last. The STORM is suitable for a wide variety of seed types including wheat, barley, oats, peas and lentils.

Bagger (25kg and Mini-bulk)  - We can provide product in bulk, mini-bulk bag, or 25 kg bag sizes, as needed.  

Weigh Scale on Site – We provide our customers with immediate and accurate weights of the product they have received.        

Accredited Seed Grader/Conditioner –  Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) registers approved Conditioners based on a recommendation from Canadian Seed Institute(CSI) following a successful accreditation audit.  Approved conditioners, operating under their quality management systems, are accredited to condition, sample and grade pedigreed seed and label it with a Canada pedigreed grade name.   

Accredited Seed Storage Facility -  Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) registers bulk storage facilities on the basis of a recommendation from CSI of successful accreditation. Bulk Seed Facilities can handle, store, sell and label seed with a Canada pedigreed   grade name and the variety name.


Our Key Services & Equipment

  • Quality/Certified Seed      
  • Automated Seed Cleaning Facility       
  • Color Sorter
  • Debearder/Dehuller       
  • Seed Treatment (Storm Seed Treater)       
  • Bagger (25kg and
  • Weigh Scale on Site          
  • Accredited Seed Grader     
  • Accredited Seed Storage Facility