Specialty Crops

Please contact us for further information on our specialty crops. We would be more than happy to serve you in finding superior seed suited to your needs.

De-hulled Origin Spelt

Getting back to the grass roots of wheat production; an old variety of wheat.

Yellow Flax - Food Use

Seen as a health-promoting ingredient, premium quality flax is rapidly being absorbed into the expanding functional food markets. Functional foods are those food products which have been fortified with a healthful ingredient, or which are promoted because of a healthy ingredient. Flax, with its high alpha-linolenic fatty acid content, ample fibre, and cancer-fighting lignans is a unique functional food. 

 Waxy Hull-less Barley - Food Use

 Hull-less barley research and development is now receiving more emphasis with potential for feed, food, and industrial uses. Market opportunities, either on the producer's own farm or for sale into the feed or food industry, should be established prior to planting. Variety selection is and will become more important as the various industries demand specific characteristics. In terms of cultural practices, hull-less barley should be treated like regular barley except for special care at seeding and combining.

We have acquired the variety licences for some of these Hulless varieties with a higher Beta-Glucan level - we are excited about the health benefits noted when consuming the recommended amounts - like lowering Blood Cholesterol levels, support for diabetes and slowing sugar absorption, dietary benefits and some believe to actually boost the immune system with a healthier gut!

High-Oleic Acid Canola

Leading-edge plant breeding has produced high-oleic acid canola oil - a naturally stable oil that needs no hydrogenation or modification to extend shelf life. This is exciting news for anyone concerned about the trans fats that can be created when oils are partially hydrogenated.

For farmers, high-oleic canola is an opportunity for contract production at better prices than standard canola. It's been available for commercial production for the past 8 years and acreage is steadily increasing. Canola is truly an oil with infinite possibilities.