Wheat Varieties

The varieties listed below are from our current product list. Please contact us for further information and other varietal availability. We would be more than happy to serve you in finding superior seed suited to your needs.

AAC Brandon

  • CWRS variety

  • Awned

  • MR rating for Fusarium

  • Semi-dwarf -short straw

  • High Yield

SY 479 VB

  • Alliance Seed variety

  • CWRS

  • Midge Tolerant

  • 1 rating for Fusarium

  • Awned


  • Seed Depot variety

  •  GP Wheat

  • High Yield

  • Contracted

  • Good disease pkg.




CDC Origin Spelt

  • Alliance Seed variety

  • Spring Spelt

  • Excellent milling quality

  • Awnless

  • Resistant to loose smut and bunt

SY Rowyn

  • Alliance Seed variety

  • CPS Red

  • MR rating for Fusarium

  • High Yielding, short straw

AAC Jatharia VB

  • SeCan variety

  • CWRS Wheat - awned

  • High Yield

  • Midge Tolerance



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