We are a family owned and operated pedigreed seed and grain business that goes the extra mile in our pursuit of excellence.
Our superior seed and superior service guarantee customer satisfaction.


Our farm was established in 1967 by Terry Tomtene who despite growing up as the son of a barber in town, decided his passion was to work on the land. Terry's Uncle Harvey Gjesdal was a local farmer who helped him reach his goal of land ownership.

Terry and his wife Lois Tomtene raised three children on the farm, cultivating a strong love for the land and farming in each of their children. Terry and Lois have remained on the farm and pitch in during the busy seasons.

Today, two of their children: Steven Tomtene and wife Jeannette and Susan (Tomtene) and husband Dan Slind operate the family business. As well, their youngest daughter Kristy and husband Dwayne Rhead live near by and assist with seeding and harvest. There are now 7 grandchildren who share the same values Papa Tomtene instilled in their parent - appreciating and caring for the land and the potential it has. It is very rewarding to see some of them already expressing an interest in the family business.

Our business continues to focus on growing, processing and supplying leading varieties of seed and grains for our customers. We are proud to offer our superior seed and superior service to you. We use every tool we can to ensure we meet your needs. 

(L-R) Jeannette Tomtene, daughter Sarah & Blakely

Our family goal is to share what we do with others. Farming is not just a job, but rather a way of life - A Life that gives us the opportunity to see first hand and up-close how important God’s creation, our planet’s resource base is.
— Jeannette Tomtene